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Unlocking the Power of Unspoken Emotions: Annie Sarnblad to Keynote the 13th Annual Women in Leadership Conference

The 13th Annual Women in Leadership Conference, set in Oklahoma City on April 16, 2024, proudly presents a riveting 90-minute morning keynote workshop featuring none other than Annie Sarnblad, a global speaker and esteemed expert in decoding facial expressions.

Annie Sarnblad’s presentation, titled “Microexpressions in High-Stakes Negotiations,” delves into the captivating world of microexpressions—the subconscious windows into our unspoken emotions. Universally evident, these fleeting expressions transcend age, gender, socialization, culture, and geographic boundaries, laying bare our concealed sentiments.

Why do microexpressions matter? They are the subtle “leakage” of emotions, often unnoticed but profoundly impactful in understanding unvoiced feelings. Recognizing and deciphering these microexpressions are akin to mastering the art of deep listening, especially crucial in high-stakes negotiations. The ability to discern others’ emotions in real-time can sway the tide between a favorable or adverse outcome.

Annie Särnblad promises an engaging and interactive session, infusing elements of fun and laughter while delivering immediate takeaways. Her teachings revolve around fostering connections and safeguarding oneself, offering valuable insights that transcend both professional and personal spheres.

Attendees of this workshop can anticipate:

  • Insights into Microexpressions: Unveil the hidden language of emotions, decoding expressions that often go unnoticed.
  • Mastering Emotional Intelligence: Sharpen your ability to perceive and respond to emotions, enhancing communication and negotiation skills.
  • Real-life Applications: Practical strategies applicable in high-stakes negotiations and daily interactions, fostering understanding and empathy.

Annie Sarnblad’s session is a cornerstone of the conference, promising an enlightening and enriching experience for attendees seeking to harness the power of unspoken cues in their professional and personal lives.

Review the article from Success Magazine, January/February 2024

Join us on April 16th at the 13th Annual Women in Leadership Conference in Oklahoma City for an insightful morning keynote that promises to redefine how we perceive and navigate emotions in the world of negotiations.

Stay tuned for updates and secure your spot for a transformative experience!


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