Kitt Letcher


Kitt Letcher will be speaking at the 2020 OKC Women in Leadership

As President and CEO of Better Business Bureau® (BBB) of Central Oklahoma, Kitt Letcher deems that her purpose in life is to make her community a better place. She does this through the work of BBB, a private, nonprofit Oklahoma corporation that serves Central and Western Oklahoma, helping businesses thrive and meet their potential.

Having been a military pilot’s wife for the last 20 years, Kitt’s experiences in learning to balance work and home have led her to develop an expertise in building corporate culture. Kitt’s proudest professional achievement is having created and fostering an environment, at BBB, where people are invited to come as they are and have the opportunity to reach their potential. The success of this shows in BBB’s growth. Over the course of the last six years, BBB of Central Oklahoma has grown from 1800 to 3300 accredited businesses.


Prior to her role at BBB, she served in a variety of different roles for the United Way of Central Oklahoma. Additionally, she has served on several volunteer boards which, currently, include Oklahoma Venture Forum (OVF), Focus on Home and the 507th Air Refueling Wing Key Spouse.

Kitt, her Husband and family reside in Edmond Oklahoma. They love traveling abroad and are always looking for the next big adventure.


Break the stereotypes of building workplace culture and say, “why not?!” Kitt will share how her life and work experiences taught her to balance all the aspects of life that we face on a daily basis. She will share how she achieved creating and fostering a company culture where people are invited to come as they are and have the opportunity to reach their potential. Through these shared experiences, Kitt will challenge you to reexamine your own corporate culture, starting with a few key questions or exercises.