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Erika Kiely

Erika Kiely

American Fidelity Insurance Company and American Fidelity International Bermuda

Erika Kiely is a dynamic and resilient business leader, currently holding the position of Appointed Officer and Assistant Vice President (AVP) of Technology and Projects at American Fidelity Insurance Company and American Fidelity International Bermuda.

Born in Peru, Erika’s life story is a testament to her resilience and leadership. She survived the Shining Path terrorist group, cartel wars, and political and military instability. Her resilience was further tested when her father, a respected college professor, journalist, government educational servant, and beloved leader, was tragically assassinated during his 1990 congressional campaign.

Over two decades ago, Erika immigrated to the United States as part of an international exchange student program at Long Island University. Despite facing a language barrier, she discovered her passion for the insurance industry, inspired by its commitment to supporting families in Latin America and the Caribbean, much like her own.

Erika holds a bachelor’s degree in journalism and mass communication and has earned certifications in the Insurance and Financial industries, Process Improvement, Quality, and Project Management. She is currently pursuing a master’s degree in business administration with a leadership focus at Oklahoma City University.

Professionally, Erika’s strategic vision and leadership have been instrumental in driving the success of the companies she serves. Her expertise spans business strategy and development, technical management and innovation, compliance, finance, and large-scale technology initiatives. She has a proven track record of implementing customer service platforms that promote sustainable growth, as well as financial monitoring platforms that ensure compliance and business continuity.

Erika’s journey from survivor to business leader is a testament to her unwavering commitment to excellence. She is dedicated to building a legacy of self-sacrifice and service, exemplifying these values for her daughter, Sophia. Together, they travel the world, seeking to contribute to other communities and continue their personal development.