Meet the 2024 speakers for the Women in Leadership Conference

Darci Lynne Farmer

Singer-songwriter, ventriloquist

Multi-talented artist Darci Lynne’s new single “Push Our Luck” offers another glimpse into the fearless creative leaps that have become her trademark. Showcasing powerful vocals, songwriting, and acting skillsets, “Push Our Luck’s” official music video has also put her in the driver seat as executive producer.

“Music has always been my first love. But I’ve never been one to stay totally in one lane, that’s how I became a singing ventriloquist—and that led to amazing opportunities. This is a lane change, but fulfilling careers are rarely straight lines, especially when they begin so young.”

The singer-songwriter and ventriloquist was just 12 years old when she paired her love of music with a male-dominated profession to hit the prime time stage and capture the hearts of audiences around the world on NBC’s America’s Got Talent.

At 12, Darci Lynne would become the youngest contestant to ever win the million dollar competition, garnering over 67M views on AGTs YouTube and the most votes for a final performance in the history of the show. She would follow that 2017 win with her highly rated 2018 NBC Christmas special My Hometown Christmas featuring guests Toby Keith and Kristin Chenoweth, and place second in the AGT spin-off Americas Got Talent: The Champions—all while juggling middle school and a successful 50-stop U.S. tour generating more than 100,000 in ticket sales and grossed $5.2 million.

The young entertainer has been credited with changing the face and popularity of ventriloquism, turning the art form into a female-driven force thanks to her talent and extreme social media influence (8M followers).

During high school, she launched her My Lips Are Sealed (Except When Theyre Not) Tour! featuring four of her original songs, headlined the Mirage in Las Vegas, sold out the Ryman twice, performed at the Opry multiple times, and co-starred in the 2022 film A Cowgirl’s Song featuring one of her original songs “Just Breathe.”

From Today and The Kelly Clarkson Show to the Ryman and the Grand Ole Opry, she has handled the spotlight with grace, professionalism, and excitement that has built an ever-growing international fanbase.

Now 19, Darci Lynne is poised to climb the charts with her music while staying true to her roots and herself. With another single ready to drop and more music and public appearances on the horizon, it’s full steam ahead for the creative powerhouse.

What about the puppets? After all, Petunia, Oscar, and Edna have a lot of fans.

“I’m not leaving my friends behind,” says Darci. “I’m just growing as an artist and they are growing with me.”

FYI: Her characters haven’t left the building, they’re just giving her room to soar.