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Evolving into the Leader you want to be in 2023

Each year, leaders everywhere set goals for themselves and their teams to make the new year the best one yet. If the last three years have taught us anything, planning and preparedness are vital, but adaptability and the willingness to EVOLVE are what distinguishes today’s leaders. Here are some steps to make you the leader that your organization needs to make 2023 a fantastic business adventure.

Hone your agility and adaptability.

Influential leaders must be able to adapt to internal and external changes – even if that pushes themselves or their teams outside their comfort zone. One way to develop leadership agility and adaptability is to be accountable and assume responsibility. Lay out a plan for responding to change, including realistic timelines. Remaining immersed in the progress enables you to make changes on the go. Developing this learning mentality – and modeling it to your team- ensures that you are not left behind by shifts in your industry, giving your business a competitive edge. 

Leave conventional approaches behind.

When it comes to growth and development, conventional methods such as leadership development workshops and seminars, managerial training programs, and development literature are still what many companies rely on as the cornerstones for talent development. But this may not be your path to developing the strongest team you can have. Technology allows us to be adept at customizing training programs to meet the needs of specific leaders. 

Relationship building

Great leaders need the skills to forge strong working relationships with their employees and industry peers. Leaders with strong, trusting, and authentic relationships know that investing time in building these bonds makes them more effective as leaders and creates a foundation for success. Evaluate what you are personally doing to expand your relationships with your team and peers within the industry.

Appreciate and nurture.

There are very few “perfect teams.” After all, we are only human. But take a look at your team and evaluate how you can leverage their individual strengths for your business. Sometimes that means thinking outside the box. Sometimes this means investing in the training or development of someone who did not take the traditional path to get where they are today. Nurture talent and appreciate those already on your team as contributing members.

Ask for a coaching refresh

If you are looking for new sparks of inspiration, consider finding a coach. Ensuring leaders have the time and resources necessary to thrive and grow is vital. Coaches can be trusted confidantes for facilitating corporate growth and personal development. But a business coach will also hold leaders to a high level of personal accountability. With more accountability, leadership and their teams are more likely to take action on big ideas or embrace chance. Coaching provides an effective way of doing this by enhancing skills, providing feedback, and building relationships – all of which are essential for success as a leader. 

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