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What you can look forward to at the 2024 Women in Leadership Conference

Continental Breakfast, Registration

Mollie Dysart

Microexpressions in High-Stakes Negotiations
Annie Särnblad

Microexpressions are the subconscious “leakage” of emotions that make our unspoken feelings visible. They are universal to our species and show on our faces regardless of age, gender, socialization, culture, or geographic location.

Recognizing microexpressions is the very deepest of listening skills. In high-stakes negotiations, understanding what others are feeling in every given moment can mean the difference between a positive outcome and a negative one.

In this interactive session, Annie Särnblad offers fun, laughter, and immediate takeaways. All of the skills Annie teaches focus on connection and protection and are relevant to both our professional and personal lives.


Fasten your seatbelts for an interactive presentation that actively wrestles with the application of an internationally renowned personality inventory in your work, play, and personal life. Did you know that the kind of humor you love and display is dependent on your personality? Did you know your prayer life and spirituality is guided by your type and temperament?  Did you know your personality influences what you do for recreation?  How you and others function at work and in teams?  Did you know that your leadership style is reflective of your personality style?   It’s not that you are right and they are wrong – they just function in a different mode. Ok, maybe they ARE wrong, chuckle, but it might also just be that how they operate and experience the world is distinctive from you!! This workshop will enable you to identify the valuable differences between normal, healthy people – differences that are often the source of much misunderstanding, miscommunication, and frustration between us humans.

Empowering Influence: A Journey to Leadership Excellence
Erika Kiely

Embark on a transformative and intentional journey toward leadership excellence. This session provides a practical, step-by-step guide designed to enhance your influence and impact, inspire, and motivate teams, and catalyze change within your organization and beyond.

Lunch and Networking

World Cafe
Donna Miller, SHRM-SCP, MBA
Co-Founder and CEO, Purse Power, Inc.

Join us for a transformative World Café experience designed to foster dialogue, inspire collaboration, and ignite positive change for women in Oklahoma. Drawing on the World Café methodology, our session will provide a unique and powerful platform for participants to engage in meaningful conversations in a creatively designed environment intended to mimic the warmth and intimacy of a café. We aim to facilitate open discussions that empower and encourage women to come together, share experiences, and brainstorm actionable strategies to enhance women’s leadership and presence in Oklahoma.

This interactive session will kick off with a warm introduction to the World Café process, followed by a series of small-group conversations guided by carefully crafted questions. Each round will explore different facets of leadership and women’s roles in shaping the future of Oklahoma, encouraging participants to build on each other’s ideas and experiences. By moving participants to new tables for each round, we’ll ensure a rich exchange of perspectives, culminating in a collective “harvest” of insights and solutions. Whether you’re a seasoned leader or just starting your journey, this World Café is an exceptional opportunity to connect, learn, and contribute to driving positive change for women across Oklahoma.

Panel Discussion – “Unveiling Influence: Navigating Power Dynamics in Organizations” Angie Christopher – Moderator, Heather Hain,  Jonna Kirschner, Cheryl McGuire and Stephanie Wickham, Ph.D.

Join our distinguished panel of women professionals from diverse industries as they unravel the intricacies of managing influence within organizations. Delve into the multifaceted dimensions of influence, from political sway to the often hidden yet powerful forces that drive change, irrespective of titles or formal authority.

The panelists will share their insights and experiences, navigating the complexities of influence in today’s workplace. They’ll discuss strategies for leveraging influence effectively, exploring how to wield it ethically and purposefully, regardless of one’s position or hierarchical structure. From identifying and harnessing hidden powers of influence to cultivating relationships that amplify impact, this discussion promises to illuminate the paths to influential leadership.

Get ready to glean wisdom from these accomplished leaders, as they delve into real-life scenarios and offer actionable advice for fostering a culture where influence is wielded constructively for organizational growth and collective success.


Lessons from the Stage: A Fireside Chat with Ventriloquist,
Darci Lynne Farmer

Young talent Darci Lynne Farmer broke barriers and won America’s Got Talent with her astonishing ventriloquism skills and lovable puppet Petunia. Now a seasoned performer, Darci will regale attendees with hilarious stories from the stage during an inspiring fireside chat. She’ll share insights on confidence, hard work, dealing with nerves, and staying true to oneself along the winding road to success. Don’t miss this chance to gain wisdom and laughs from this multidimensional trailblazer.
Melissa Cory

Thank You’s and Final Announcements

Meet & Greet, photo opportunity and reception

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