Why Attend

Learn more about the Women in Leadership Conference and why you should attend in 2023.

This full day conference provides inspiring keynote speakers and expert panel discussions that give business leaders an edge in today’s fast changing competitive landscape. The conference sessions provide the opportunity to network, motivate, inspire and build leadership skills immediately applicable to enhance professional success.
  • Gain insights and inspiration from our top-notch lineup of speakers.
  • Targeted professional development opportunities, invest in yourself & acquire actionable tips and tools you can apply immediately from skill building sessions and thought-provoking panel discussions
  • Unparalleled opportunity to meet and network with other influential women strengthening your professional and personal connections.
  • Team building opportunity, developing leaders is an investment for your company, when companies invest in the development of their staff, employees often feel a deeper connection to the company.

A special thanks for attending

Attendees will receive a reusable canvas tote and choose from an Evolve-themed bracelet or keychain to keep as a memento from the event. Click each image to view it in detail.