Victoria Woods

Chief Investment Advisor, Founder and CEO of ChappelWood Financial Services

Victoria Wood of Chappelwood Financial Services will be speaking at the 2020 OKC Women in Leadership Conference

Victoria Woods is Chief Investment Advisor and Founder and CEO of ChappelWood Financial Services. As an advisor to affluent clients for more than 25 years, she and her firm is a recognized leader in the investment advisory industry. Victoria is author of the book, “It’s All About The $Money, Honey!”™ and has been featured in Newsweek magazine’s “Financial Planning Guide;” the Today Show with Meredith Vieria; Success Today; Fox News; Fox Business; CBS; NBC and ABC affiliates across the nation. Victoria hosts a weekly radio show, “It’s All About the $Money, Honey!”™ on iHeart Media and finds success working with high net worth households and mid-tier millionaires.

Victoria is a world traveler and has a true passion for people, sports, managing successful businesses, and serving her community.


Emotions, Finances and Impact Investing We all have a money story. Let’s face it, it’s all about the money honey. How we interact, manage and talk about money stems from lessons we learned in our youth. Our financial decisions are oftentimes linked to our emotional mindset, our overall relationship with money and the impact our money will make in the larger community. Evaluate your personal relationship with money and discover how to gain clarity on financial goals by thoughtfully addressing financial and emotional challenges, while at the same time impacting the social causes important to you through direct financial investments and support.