Bevin Mugford

Strategic Partner, InspireCorps

Bevin Mugford

Bevin is a dynamic speaker, coach and facilitator with over 15 years of experience in leading people, building high-performance teams and developing innovative
sales/learning solutions.

Prior to her current role with InspireCorps, Bevin spent her career in entrepreneurship, most recently as Chief Growth Officer of Peach, a woman-focused, venture-backed start-up, led by a female CEO. At Peach, Bevin built Sales and L&D functions from the ground floor and grew the company into a multi-million dollar ecommerce brand.

In her work as a speaker, Bevin helps organizations solve today’s top leadership challenges of employee engagement, productivity and retention. She is passionate about redefining the intersection of work and life as a point of integration, not simply balance; a key shift to prevent burnout and innovation stagnation. Her content focuses on teaching leaders how to engage and motivate teams through leveraging inspiration, empathy, compassion and vulnerability.

For the last three years, Bevin has walked a personal growth journey after losing one of her children to a traumatic drowning incident. Bevin integrates her personal learnings about loss into her work with organizations, bringing forward the previously taboo subjects of pain and grief into the workplace; a crucial conversation to support employee wellbeing in the wake of the collective losses of the pandemic/post-pandemic era.

Bevin is host of a weekly podcast-style chat called “Thursday Thrive,” author of a weekly “Saturday Meditation” digital column and a to-be-published book chronicling her journey through child-loss. Described as a “zesty badass with a flair for the dramatic,” Bevin is a passionate and engaging public speaker, averaging over 200 engagements annually, including a TEDx to be released in March of 2022.

Whole person extras: Mom of 4, nerdy researcher, dedicated CrossFitter and former competitive swimmer.


Leading through the power of Inspiration

It is an incredible and revelatory time to be a woman leader. There are opportunities to step in, step up and lead critical change in the world around us every day. With so much to do, lists are long, days are short, how do we do we fuel this charge sustainably? In this session, Bevin Mugford will unveil original research to unlock the science of inspiration as a most valuable resource to be managed leading progress and growth. We tend to think about inspiration as a powerful experience that visits us infrequently and without warning, but it doesn’t have to be this way. What if we didn’t have to wait or passively hope for it? What if we could ignite it when we need it most? Well you can.

In this session you will:

  • Understand inspiration in new ways, how it works and the ways you inspire others
  • Experience how progress, achievement and underdogs are core sources to fuel inspiration
  • Understand how to scale inspiration to enable change, growth and success