Amy Downs

CEO Allegiance Credit Union
Survivor 1995 Oklahoma City Bombing

Amy Down is the CEO Allegiance Credit Union and will be speaking at the OKC Women in Leadership conference

In addition to being CEO, Amy speaks on the importance of resisting complacency. After surviving the 1995 OKC bombing, she promised she would not take her second chance at life for granted. She was a 355-pound college drop-out who started out as a Teller and now is an Ironman Finisher with an MBA who became CEO of the same Credit Union nearly destroyed in the bombing. Amy’s passion is encouraging others to resist complacency and continue to level up both personally and professionally.


Hope is a Verb
Amy shares her experience surviving the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing and her subsequent transformation. This message will not only inspire you but provide you with practical steps you can take today to live your life with intention and purpose.