This year’s conference and agenda is sure to LIFT you. We will be Inspired by our morning keynote, Bevin Mugford, and we will be On the Edge with our closing keynote, Alison Levine. In addition, we are excited to incorporate some shorter, “Ted-type” talks this year for more topics of discussion.  Please continue to check back for a more detailed schedule of speakers for the 2020 Women in Leadership Conference.  Also, be sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram for more speakers, announcements, and our schedule of events!

Continental Breakfast, Registration

Diane Forster

Morning Keynote – Dare to Inspire
Bevin Mugford

Leading through the power of Inspiration
It is an incredible and revelatory time to be a woman leader. There are opportunities to step in, step up and lead critical change in the world around us every day. With so much to do, lists are long, days are short, how do we do we fuel this charge sustainably? In this session, Bevin Mugford will unveil original research to unlock the science of inspiration as a most valuable resource to be managed leading progress and growth. We tend to think about inspiration as a powerful experience that visits us infrequently and without warning, but it doesn’t have to be this way. What if we didn’t have to wait or passively hope for it? What if we could ignite it when we need it most? Well you can.

In this session you will:

  • Understand inspiration in new ways, how it works and the ways you inspire others
  • Experience how progress, achievement and underdogs are core sources to fuel inspiration
  • Understand how to scale inspiration to enable change, growth and success


The Impact of Prioritizing People in the Workplace
Jennifer Kraszewski, SPHR, SHRM-SCP

Join Paycom’s Vice President of Human Resources Jennifer Kraszewski as she discusses her leadership path and lessons learned that remain true regardless of company, industry or decade. Despite challenges and pivots employers and employees have faced over the past few years, Jennifer shares five pieces of timeless advice to help you stay motivated and focused on your company’s most important asset: its people!

Break the stereotypes of building workplace culture and say, “why not?!”
Kitt Letcher

Kitt will share how her life and work experiences taught her to balance all the aspects of life that we face on a daily basis. She will share how she achieved creating and fostering a company culture where people are invited to come as they are and have the opportunity to reach their potential. Through these shared experiences, Kitt will challenge you to reexamine your own corporate culture, starting with a few key questions or exercises.

Emotions, Finances and Impact Investing
Victoria Woods

We all have a money story. Let’s face it, it’s all about the money honey. How we interact, manage and talk about money stems from lessons we learned in our youth. Our financial decisions are oftentimes linked to our emotional mindset, our overall relationship with money and the impact our money will make in the larger community. Evaluate your personal relationship with money and discover how to gain clarity on financial goals by thoughtfully addressing financial and emotional challenges, while at the same time impacting the social causes important to you through direct financial investments and support.

LEADERHEALTH™: Leading and Living in a New Way
Dr. Shanna Teel

LEADERHEALTH™ is a mindset and methodology for leaders and entrepreneurs who want to live and lead in a more conscious, healthy way. LEADERHEALTH™ looks closely at all dimensions of health and empowers leaders to embody all of who they are in order to utilize and share their creativity and talents.

Lunch and Networking

Hope is a Verb 
Amy Downs

Amy shares her experience surviving the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing and her subsequent transformation. This message will not only inspire you but provide you with practical steps you can take today to live your life with intention and purpose.
Inspiring Heights; Empower Others to Soar!
Necie Black
Leadership is about inspiring others to do things they never thought possible. Every one of us is a leader. Whether you’re a corporate executive or volunteer in the community, you can provide the type of inspiration that helps others exceed their own expectations, in a way that aligns with their purpose. Necie will talk about what it looks like to give support that inspires, cultivates potential, and leads to higher rates of success.
LIFT Panel Discussion: Leading in the Post-Pandemic Era
Alicia Wade,  Dr. Julie Watson, Donna Miller, Elizabeth Anderson and Jene’ Machinski
The pandemic has highlighted the importance that today’s workplace needs to work better for everyone. The panel will discuss the clear challenges leaders face today, along with best practices for building remote teams, hybrid work models and competing for the best talent in the world of work today.

Build your Personal Brand
Maranda Kitchingham

Establishing your personal brand begins when you identify what you do best and use social platforms to build genuine rapport within your network. Learn how to define your persona and use it to influence and attract attention in your industry, lifting your career to the next level. Attendees will participate in a live network-building exercise using Linkedin.


Keynote – On the Edge: The Art of High-Impact Leadership
Alison Levine
Imagine yourself on the highest mountain in the world. You have to deal with the physiological effects of extreme altitude–along with bone-chilling temperatures, battering winds, and a climbing team that’s counting on all of its members to make smart decisions. There’s simply no room for poor judgment — one mistake or misstep can result in an “unrecoverable error.” In any situation where lives on are the line or the stakes are exceptionally high–there’s no better training ground for leaders than settings where people are pushed beyond their perceived limits. Drawing on her experience as team captain of the first American Women’s Everest Expedition, Alison Levine makes a compelling case that the leadership principles that apply in the world of extreme adventure also apply to today’s rigorously competitive business environments.
Melissa Cory
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Meet & Greet, photo opportunity and reception

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