Pamela Meyer

Founder and CEO of Calibrate and Best-Selling Author of LieSpotting

The Art and Science of Getting to the Truth

Pamela Meyer is founder and CEO of Calibrate, a leading deception detection training company based in Washington DC. Before writing the bestselling book, Liespotting, she spent years with a team of researchers surveying all of the research findings on deception, and underwent extensive training in facial micro-expression identification, interrogation skills and statement analysis.

Prior to that she was an Internet and media executive, as founder of Simpatico Networks, a New York based social media company. She is a Certified Fraud Examiner, has an MBA from Harvard, a Masters in Public Policy. Her TED talk is in the top 20 talks of all time with over 14 million views worldwide

Author of the best-seller Liespotting, Pamela Meyer shares the art and science of getting to the truth including:

  • The role of self-deception in personal and customer interactions
  • How to spot deception in someone‚Äôs words and body language
  • Signs that someone is concealing critical information you need in order to be helpful
  • How to spot your own bias
  • How to ask questions that elicit the truth and build trust
  • The significant role authenticity plays in our lives

Through video and a rapid slide presentation using well-known public figures as examples, Pamela Meyer keeps you laughing while you are learning. She presents a path toward trust and authenticity that emphasizes integrity, maturity and the importance of transforming difficult conversations into personal engagement and success.”

You can find Pamela on Twitter, LinkedIn, and Calibrate.