The Great Escape: Break Away from the Pack with Compelling Stories

Masterful speakers are great storytellers. They understand the power of narrative. They know how to frame content, invest in their material, and incorporate vivid details.

Stories are critical when networking, pitching, or making an important point. Relating case studies demonstrates how you deal with challenges. Listeners see themselves participating and better understand what it took to solve the problem.

Eloqui co-founder, and author of Out Front: How Women Can Become Engaging, Memorable, and Fearless Speakers delivers a narrative template that engages listeners, keeps the speaker on point, and provides a highly effective marketing tool. In this interactive keynote, Deborah will shape stories from volunteers to demonstrate how quickly anyone can construct and deliver compelling stories.

Learning objectives:

  • Construct and deliver persuasive anecdotes
  • Organize content to drive action
  • Speak in a compelling, authentic voice
  • Change from speaking in generalities to specifics; adding your perspective rather than leaving yourself out of the narrative; and becoming memorable.

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