“Executive Presence”: What’s Real, What’s Useful & What’s Not

Executive Presence has become a trendy catch phrase. Skepticism is at least partially deserved; it is a valid concept that if properly understood and acted upon will boost your ability to engage, connect and influence successfully.
This program is based in part upon Charmaine’s one-on-one discussions over the past decade with CEO’s about the critical role that executive presence plays in the promotion and derailment of careers. She has helped numerous leaders develop executive presence to catapult their careers.

Her sure-fire ESP method will help you develop your executive presence, ensuring you are seen, heard and recognized as a person that adds significant value.

Executive Success Principles

  1. Communicate the vision
  2. Speak in headlines
  3. The three “must-make” points
  4. Create witnesses
  5. Don’t audition for the part
  6. Embody your message