Jane Jayroe
A former Miss America, Jane Jayroe has been a television personality and news anchor in Oklahoma City and the Dallas/Ft. Worth area. She enjoyed a 16-year career in television journalism.... Read More
Nancy Parsons
Website:   http://www.cdrassessmentgroup.com
"Cracking the Code to the Glass Ceiling" A top expert in leadership development, talent management and assessments. She is president and co-founder CDR Assessment Group, Inc. that she launched with... Read More
Jaynie Miller Studenmund
Jaynie has extensive executive management operating experience and an excellent track record across a diverse set of business environments, including digital, start-up, rapid growth, turnaround, consolidating, merger and acquisition, and... Read More
Patti Wood, MA, CSP
Website:   http://www.pattiwood.net/
"The Power of Body Language" Patti Wood, MA, CSP, is an international speaker and trainer. She has designed and conducted keynote speeches, workshops and convention seminars for over 1,000 clients... Read More
Kim Parrish
"Negotiation: The Leader’s Most Ignored and Most Critical Skill" Kim D. Parrish is a judge and law professor in Oklahoma City. A former prosecutor and practicing attorney, he holds degrees... Read More