Cracking the Code to the Glass Ceiling

Parsons will shatter the myths about men and women in leadership. You will learn why so few women make it to the top.  She will share CDR’s break-through research findings that go into a completely new research horizon regarding leadership gender differences that have resulted in the Glass Ceiling.   Parsons’ team found the crux of the problem is that there are significant inherent personality risk factor differences among men and women leaders.  These risks manifest under conflict and pressure resulting in taking women out of the running for key leadership jobs.   Added to this mix, Parsons lays out how cultural perceptions are way out of whack making the barriers for women even tougher.   Last, CEO Women and Corporate Executive Women’s profiles will be compared to the original gender study groups revealing compelling results.

Armed with this exciting new research and knowledge, the solutions on how to identify, develop and promote women effectively becomes clear.  This dynamic presentation includes participant involvement and offers useful insights to help attendees lead the way to bring down the invisible barriers to success for so many women.  Parsons’ is a global leadership assessment expert whose firm has spent nearly two decades providing break-through tools, solutions and research. 

A copy of the research paper will be made available to interested attendees.