How to Build a Better Professional Network

This presentation is highly interactive, uses vivid and science based evidence, and personalized diagnostic tools to inspire cognitive and emotional growth that drives immediate action and the use of effective practices for growing the business and personal network. The takeaways are convincing and contagious.

The New Science of Networks shows that what distinguishes thriving leaders is their powerful and invisible personal networks through which they mobilize expertise and enhance collaboration with colleagues and clients. Yet, many leaders unconsciously build weak networks.

Bridge the holes in your network. Using my 6 degrees of separation worksheet © find out the structure, strengths, and weaknesses of your leadership network. Analyze your network to learn how your eyeball-to-eyeball, toe-to-toe interactions generate a powerful or weak network, strengthen commitments for your initiatives and promote teamwork.

Learn and develop the best strategies for building and using a better professional network. Immediately understand the path to gaining a better leadership network and how to use networks to continually grow the business.

Know why networks are increasingly linked to achievement, the properties of a powerful network, and strategies for building and using your network.