The Power of Body Language

You’re meeting someone for the first time, interacting with a prospect, talking to someone on the phone, dealing with a new or longtime customer/client.  In each of these situations, you are forming a SNAP impression that determines how you’ll interact with that person in that particular situation and what they think of you.

In this high energy, interactive program, you’ll learn to accurately assess others. You will learn new techniques to improve your ability to establish rapport using the five foundation principles of body language.

In this program you will: 

  • Learn how to make the customer/client feel safe and open in 1/300th of a second.
  • Practice three methods to gain and maintain rapport.
  • Increase the accuracy of your first impression.
  • Encourage acceptance and agreement of your ideas through one simple movement.
  • Learn the one mistake that people typically make when trying to read body language – and how it can sabotage your work interactions and personal relationships.
  • Recognize “comfort cues” that may indicate someone is lying.
  • Handle handshakes – the bone crushers, the twisters, and the whimpies.
  • Understand the power of your voice, pacing for more productive phone calls.
  • Open the blind spot to your own body language impression.
  • Understand the “Charismatic Factors.”
  • Use the best distance and talking position to increase honesty based on gender.
  • Understand how the heart and other “body windows” hide or reveal emotions and what you need to do to look open and honest and tell if others are receptive to your ideas and requests.
  • Learn what part of the body is the most “honest.”

Come ready to play, learn and laugh!